Essex Cooling - the air handling, refrigeration and climate control engineering partner of choice for large, medium and small-scale businesses.

Essex Cooling - Commercial Air conditioning

Essex Cooling have nearly 40 years' experience in sharing their electrical engineering expertise with commercial players from blue-chip companies to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Does your business has refrigeration, air-handling or climate control needs for industrial processing? For its small-scale server room or to keep its workforce comfortable within an enclosed environment?

Whatever your commercial scale air conditioning requirements, Essex Cooling has the friendly expertise to design, develop, supply, install and maintain the air handling systems to meet your specific needs.


From industry to ice-rinks

Essex Cooling - Commercial Air conditioning

Air handling units (AHUs) and refrigeration systems come in all shapes and sizes.

We have served key players with process cooling chillers across the heavy industry sector, including steel and petro-chemical companies; supported chilled distribution companies with AHU and chiller rentals at peak periods demanding temporary storage and warehousing facilities; delivered first-rate cooling solutions for food processing and brewing industries .

Our ice-making refrigeration systems have been a cool favourite, gone down a snow-storm or skated to success.


Getting it right for computer server rooms & UPS transformer rooms

Essex Cooling - Commercial Air conditioning

Essex Cooling provide and maintain cooling systems, air conditioning solutions and air conditioning unit hire for even the smallest computer server room in innovative SMEs. We also offer spot cooling units for critical areas in server and transformer room environments with uninterruptible power supplies.

Computer equipment is sensitive to heat, dust and humidity and the reliability of IT systems depends on maintaining stable specific humidity and temperature levels.

We install permanent chilled water air conditioning systems and fixed, self-contained and scalable direct expansion air conditioning units for medium and small computer server rooms and precision air conditioning systems or close control air conditioning systems with up-flow or down-flow configurations which can operate 24/7 within tight tolerances and can be monitored remotely.

Computer room chiller breakdown? Air con system scheduled for repair? Let Essex Cooling deliver the support you need - whether planned or in an emergency - and maintain guaranteed cooling with temporary, quick-install and portable rental chiller systems.

Air conditioning expertise you can trust

Essex Cooling - Commercial Air conditioning

At Essex Cooling we have the experience to understand the brief and deliver technically sound, cost-effective long-term commercial cooling solutions and shorter term hire cooler units for businesses where appropriate.

We are familiar with the competence of manufacturers and the fleet of AHUs and chillers on the market and keep up to date with technological developments. When required, we combine our knowledge and expertise with their top quality products to create complex and sophisticated, bespoke AHU and refrigeration systems - innovative designs and builds for the most challenging of commercial environments.

Essex Cooling values your business - our commercial heating systems and chillers will not only do the job, but do an optimum job based on efficiency and regulation compliance that ultimately saves you money.

Commercial air conditioning maintenance

Keep compliant. Get ahead of air conditioning system issues with a regular planned programme of maintenance from Essex Cooling. Find out more now.

Supplying, installing & maintaining quality systems including: